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New Products, Custom Installations and a Sneak Peek!

  1. Introducing The Urban Form All Aluminum Bench
  2. Prince Rupert Welcomes Whale Tales!
  3. Sneak Peak: The New Annison Modular Curved Bench
  4. Product photo of the month

Introducing The Urban Form All Aluminum Bench

We just introduced a new member of the Urban Form family of products! Simple lines and modern motifs complement any contemporary setting.

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Prince Rupert Welcomes Whale Tales!

Store owner Glen Saunders is recognizing the community for their support by investing in 'whale tail' benches that are placed around the city.

Prince Rupert resident Joey Tapper says "I think the whale is really cool because it's another spot to sit at and they're all around town."

Cow Bay Gift Galley owner Glen Saunders says the whale tail is a continuation of a theme he started years ago
Read the full story here: Prince Rupert Welcomes Whale Tales

Sneak Peek: The New Annison Modular Curved Bench

Check out this great shot of our soon-to-be-released innovative new product. Stay tuned for all the details and options.

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Image of the Month - September 2016

Urban From Table at Desrochers Subdivison in Edmonton AB

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