Annison Modular Bench

Model Number: AM-851

Annison Modular Bench Top View in PNE Green Colour Annison Modular Bench Top View in PNE Green Colour

Designer Notes

The Annison modular curved bench is a new concept in seating that is innovative and multi-functional. The design primarily focuses on allowing our customers the opportunity to create a variety of seating arrangements by simply connecting benches together. Fun and colourful, the features of this bench make it perfect for spray parks, playgrounds, and day care centres. The seat height is comfortable for both adults and younger children, while the rotomoulded plastic construction is extremely durable and UV stabilized to be colourfast.

The Annison can also be filled with water, which is ideal for applications where the bench cannot be fastened down. The weight of the water keeps the bench in place, and removing the hidden drain plug allows it to be moved.

What makes this bench even more functional is that the water in the reservoir can be used for irrigation by connecting a slow drip hose adaptor to create a gravity fed watering system. With over 50 gallons of capacity, watering trees, plants or gardens can be done more efficiently, saving time and money.

This bench's name comes from combining the first names of the designer’s two grand-daughters: Anna and Addison.

Over 50 colour options available.
Here are some of the most popular.

*There is a surcharge for Green Marble, Millstone, Pink Granite and Sandstone. Please call for a quote.

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