Mountain Classic Park Bench - All Metal

Model Number: MCBAL-5

Mountain Classic Park Bench - All Metal

Designer Notes

All metal benches are very popular. The primary reason is that they discourage graffiti as the small metal slats represent a very small canvas for these folks. The challenge though with most is if an individual slat gets vandalized it’s virtually impossible to repair with-out replacing the complete back or seat section. That can be expensive! That’s what makes this bench different. We have created an industry first no-weld design allowing each component of the bench to be replaced on site saving time and money.
Other features include  large armrests that  allow people to nestle into the corner while the top of the armrest supports your arm in a natural way.  The flat surface on the armrest design also assists in lowering into and getting up out of the bench making this model extremely popular in settings such as a senior’s residence. From and environmental perspective we manufacture locally our own castings used on the leg ends from 100% recycled aluminum car and truck rims.

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Product Testimonials

  • My husband and I were taking a walk in North Vancouver and I decided to stop for a quick rest on a city bench. Once I sat down I immediately told my husband “You’ve got to try this!”. It was the most comfortable bench I’d ever sat on. I noticed a product tag on another bench further on down Capilano Road, and wrote down the phone number. From there I contacted Wishbone and received a quick response and pricing for the identical all-metal “Mountain Classic” bench. Fast forward to the completion date and Wishbone even delivered the bench (including going down some tricky stairs!).

    Thanks for providing such excellent service and an amazing product!

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