Rutherford Park Bench - Angled Leg

Model Number: RAL-6 6 ft RAL-5 5ft

Rutherford Park Bench - Angled Leg

Designer Notes

This is one of the original designs from when the company was first founded and to date is one of our most celebrated   Although four legged benches are common we wanted our version to take into consideration some of the feedback related to this style.  The goal was to get the most optimal comfort for a specific demographic: senior citizens. In fact many of the modifications were driven by this group’s needs and comments. The seat height was raised, the angle of the backrest adjusted, and the height of the armrest tweaked to make this bench extremely comfortable and user friendly.  This was also the first bench that employed an all-aluminum frame as opposed to steel.  As well, the armrest and seatback have been designed to discourage our skateboarding friends from using them as a rail to grind. Ideally suited for many scenarios ranging from to parks to playgrounds the Rutherford truly shines as a dedication or memorial bench.  The Rutherford name comes from the last name of a good friend of the designer.

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Product Testimonials

  • My wife and I just wanted to pass along our compliments on the street furniture installed along the waterway in Peachland, BC. Your design looks rugged and the walkway lighting will probably be very pretty at night (the days are quite long now, so weren't in Peachland late enough to see them). The combination of reclaimed plastic and wrought iron makes for a pleasing combination. The foot-operated garbage receptacles are a nice touch, too. Anyway, if we hadn't seen your company's tag embedded in the plastic slats we wouldn't have known who to contact to pass along our compliments - great idea! Take care.

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