SurRe Park Bench

Model Number: SRB-9

SurRe Park Bench

Designer Notes

The SurRe was a developed hand-in-hand with the City of Surrey. Their request was for a bench that had high recycled content and a distinctive design that would set it apart.  The custom cast leg ends, clean lines, picture framed recycled plastic lumber, and minimal board gapping combine to make a truly unique bench. This bench was on display at the City Hall for 6 months and got unanamous thumbs up from the general public. The extensions on either end provide a variety of different seating options and surprisingly, encourages folks that don’t even know each other to actually sit on the bench at the same time. The backless portion and the armrest seem to create an invisible divide. This model commands attention whether as a standalone piece or as part of a larger set. The name was created by combining “Sur” for the City of Surrey and “Re” for Recycled.  Available in 6 to 9 foot lengths.

Available Recycled Plastic Lumber Colours

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