Event Can

Model Number: EC-24

Event Can

Designer Notes

The Event Can incorporates many intentional features to make it a perfect solution for any outdoor event, community gathering, concert or similar function. These durable high-density polyurethane waste receptacles are easily stacked in 10’s, allowing as many as 40 cans to be transported in the back of a pickup truck. Because of the rotational molded construction and tapered design they easy to stack and separate. The built in handles on the underside of the lip make it easy to lift and move. Pre-drilled holes in the bottom and in the lip of the lid make cleaning and draining easy.

As an option, your event name, city or municipality logo can be imbedded into the plastic and will not fade, peel or wash off. Finally, a standard Rubbermaid Dome Top locks in for a perfect fit. Many Colours Available to differentiate between waste, recyclables and organics.

Great for events where regular waste containment systems don’t have the capacity to deal with the garbage that the event will bring. (see Product Testimonials)

*Lid sold seperately

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Product Testimonials

  • I just wanted to let you know that we have received the event can shipment and everyone is quite pleased with the finished product. Thank You!  We will be putting these into service for our Art festival towards the end of June which is the largest city sponsored event each year and then they will be used primarily for our summer time outdoor concert series.

    Thanks again to you and your staff for completing this order for us! - Kurt

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