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The Wishbone Demo Trailer Completes Tour of US West Coast


Thanks again to everyone from the local Parks & Rec departments, Landscape Architect firms, and developers for making our tour of Washington, Oregon, and California a success!  We believe there is no substitute for seeing and experiencing our products in person so, whenever possible, we bring the showroom directly to clients old and new.


Memorial & Dedication Benches

Municipalities specify Wishbone benches for their dedication programs because we make it so simple. We offer many bench styles suitable for a memorial plaque, and we design and manufacture the bronze plaques with our respected foundry partner. Finally, we securely flush-mount these plaques into the selected furnishings for a clean professional fit and end-to-end solution.Learn more here...


Featured Product – Mountain Classic Bench

The Mountain Classic incorporates a number of great aesthetic and practical features. The lower back rest design and contoured seat accommodates a wide variety of body types. The stately armrest is both attractive and functional, providing a soft corner to nestle into and supporting the arm in a natural way.  The armrest design also assists in lowering into and getting up out of the bench making this model extremely popular in settings such as a senior’s residence. We manufacture our own castings used on the leg ends from 100% recycled aluminum car and truck rims.Learn more here...


Incorporate Wishbone products into your plans quickly and easily by downloading our design files from CADdetails.com 

The Benefits of Buying in Canada

The current economic climate and low Canadian dollar make this an ideal time to buy Made In Canada products. Take advantage now of the exchange rate.

The Wishbone Demo Trailer Heads South

The Wishbone Demo Trailer Heads South

We bring the showroom to our clients year-round in Canada. 2016’s first expedition is south of the 49th North Parallel. Heading straight down from our HQ in British Columbia, we’re visiting everywhere from Woodinville, Washington to San Diego, California. Thanks to everyone from the local Parks & Rec departments, Landscape Architect firms, and developers for joining us! 

The Benefits of Buying in Canada

The current economic climate and low Canadian dollar make this an ideal time to buy Made In Canada products.  No one has a crystal ball to see the future, but supporting local businesses always pays in dividends. Not only does supporting local business strengthen communities, build resilience, and foster innovation – it means significant savings versus purchasing manufactured products from across the border. Local businesses also play a key role in job creation, supporting local charities, and re-circulating dollars within our own geographic area.

New Product for 2016 – Urban Form Easy Access Waste Receptacle

Model Number: UFEATR-30 Class-leading design combined with affordability and functionality make the Urban Form Easy Access Waste Receptacle a must-have. The 4 sided 8” openings allow easy access and the funnel design ensures all waste is directed towards the liner. Like the rest of the Urban Form Series, the horizontal lumber orientation and minimalist look compliment modern architectural elements splendidly. Packed with innovative features while maintaining an extremely competitive price point.Learn more here...

Merry Christmas from the team at Wishbone!

Merry Christmas from the team at Wishbone!

We’re not sure about the guy in the orange shirt, he may have photo-bombed us, although he is holding one of the many tools used to assemble Wishbone products, so we’ll assume he’s one of Santa’s elves. Not even sleet or snow stops these guys from getting products out the door, to your sidewalks, parks and buildings. We’ve enjoyed record sales this year…so thank you to all those who specified and purchased Wishbone site furnishings – you are the biggest part of our success. We wish you peace and prosperity this Christmas season.

The gift that keeps on giving...

When you choose Wishbone site furnishings, they look great year after year. In fact, as this photo shows, the only thing that changes over time is the surroundings. The building got upgraded, the landscaping behind the bench changed, and someone felt the need to add a concrete waste receptacle (not ours) next to our bench…we’d recommend against that. Still, the Modena bench shown here looks as good as it did 8 years ago.See more Modena here >>>

When you gotta go, you gotta go

Enough said! OK, there’s a bit more to this story. And it’s a big success story for Wishbone. Recall the last time you were out enjoying the great outdoors, and nature called… now think about that unsightly, scary wooden outhouse – the one that was leaning to one side, the door that wouldn’t shut, holes in the walls, and, well… you thought twice about using!! Now think what it would have been like if the “JOHN” pit toilet building was there… solid, sturdy, clean, and bright. While it’s not the Hilton, these structures are getting some great reviews by parks boards and patrons of the forest.See why Wishbone is fast becoming #1 in the #1 and #2 business in parks and trails.

Sale Continues on Produits Replast Select Furnishings

Wishbone is pleased to continue offering discounted pricing from our partner in Quebec on select value-engineered furnishings. These products are shipped direct from the manufacturing plant, unassembled, to anywhere in North America. Order yours now!!

Putting the “custom” back into the “customer”

Putting the “custom” back into the “customer”

All products manufactured by Wishbone are “made to order”… we don’t mass produce, and most days have no “off the shelf” product available (and if we do, it doesn’t hang around very long !!). Our products are proudly made by Canadians using local vendors and suppliers.
We have an impressive array of site furnishings available on our website
Various Metal Powder Coatings:
and Recycled Plastic Board Colours:

Custom Designs Inspired by Customers

When a customer has a unique idea (or challenge) and we don’t have anything applicable in our standard product line, we often work with them to devise a solution.  More often than not, the product inspired by a client ends up becoming one of our regulars!

Anglers Chair

SurRe Bench

Step Seating


Custom Modifications on Existing Designs

Sometimes our existing products do not fit a particular application 100%. When a client’s project requires slight variations on our existing products we work with them to produce a solution.

Extra Long Bench

Curved Bench

Meeting Handicap/ADA Requirements


Custom Lettering Cast in the Aluminum Frame

Custom casting is a permanent, low maintenance solution for lettering. We have the ability cast logos, lettering, and designs directly into the cast aluminum, making it an integral and permanent part of the finished piece.

Custom Cast Leg End

Cast Lettering

Cast City Logo

Custom Routering of Words or Logo’s in the Recycled Plastic

Custom routering is a relatively low cost way of providing non-obtrusive visuals or branding.  Logos, phrases, sayings, dates signifying an event, and fairly intricate designs can be routered directly into the recycled plastic lumber.

City Logo

Group or Club

Inspirational Message


Sale Continues on Produits Replast Select Furnishings

Wishbone is pleased to continue offering discounted pricing from our partner in Quebec on select value-engineered furnishings. These products are shipped direct from the manufacturing plant, unassembled, to anywhere in North America. Order yours now!!

Wishbone Celebrates Colour, Innovation and Longevity

Enjoy Summer with the New York Chair

If you want to be different at the cottage this year, then add some colour with the New York Chair. A refreshing update to the traditional Adirondack chair, with a colour palette that is sure to turn heads at the camp fire:

Available in an array of colours...

Tremblant Bike Rack

Mix it up a bit this summer with a tried and tested bike rack – the Tremblant.  Sure, you could go with just galvanized only metal loop, but why not jazz it up with a combination of colour sure to grab attention:

Learn More...

Campsite / Trail Number Post

From time to time, we find a perfect fit for recycled plastic. Consider the humble posts in a campground that show the number of the campsite. Weather, weed eaters and bad drivers each contribute to the typical wooden posts requiring continual painting and replacement as they were rotting out. The plastic campsite post is the obvious solution. This can also double up as a hiking/running trail marker… those posts that let you know the direction to go, or what mile you are at.

Learn More...

Before & After… can you tell the difference?

The difference between these 2 pictures…is 10 years, and thousands of dollars of savings for the municipality in terms of lower maintenance costs or full out replacement costs of wooden benches. It’s why municipalities all over are switching to Wishbone.

Learn More...

New Additions to the Urban Form Collection

The Urban Form series is a home run. Making its debut in the most prestigious landscape architect magazines in Canada and the USA, we continue to build out this product family with a couple additions:

The Urban Form Bike Rack

Sleek, open design provides a variety of options to secure bikes (and dogs…and a variety of herbivores for the more adventurous!). Learn More...

The Urban Form Split Back Bench

Surprisingly, there are those places where the view is great on both sides of the bench! Now you can have the best of both worlds, and a backrest and arm rest for added comfort and ease of egress. Learn More...

Something Fishy is Going On...

The Angler's Chair

For those of you wanting to jazz up your ocean/lake boardwalks, and provide a truly unique experience for the local fishermen, why not add a trifecta of Angler’s chairs…where the fish are always biting of course! Learn More...

Sale Inventory is Moving Fast!

Wishbone is pleased to continue offering discounted pricing from our partner in Quebec on select value-engineered furnishings. These products are shipped direct from the manufacturing plant, unassembled, to anywhere in North America. Order yours now!! Click here for all the details...

Let's Get Personal

Wishbone has many styles of single bench seating… ideal for clusters. Sit at right angles, across from each other, or on a radius. Many of our benches can be custom built as 2 FT “single seat” style, like the Bateman Single Seat Park Bench:


Some things go better together

Like pairing a fine wine with dinner, add complementary site furniture pieces to your bench clusters. Create space, create community, and memories. Bench and table combinations from Wishbone:

Add a coffee table for...well, coffee, and lunch, and your back pack...and it can be a foot rest!

Add a planter with some greenery to create some more personal space:


New Product Brochure

Here is our digital version. Hard copy versions are available upon request. Get yours today. It looks good on any coffee table!
Click here to Download

Wishbone Gives Back

Wishbone is a proud sponsor of KGM’s Strides to End Homelessness.
Please Click here to learn more: http://goo.gl/HU0eSQ

Introducing The Urban Form Series

Introducing The Urban Form Series

The concept of this series was to design a group of site furnishings that reflected a modern, angular, and minimalist aesthetic, popular in contemporary architecture today. The Urban Form Park Bench’s distinctive three-quarter cantilevered backrest - suggestive of a French-style chaise lounge - provides users with a 360 degree viewing opportunity. In keeping with the clean look this bench is meticulously finished with framed-in lumber and no exposed hardware.  The slightly raised slats on the seat and back make for a very comfortable repose. This model is a delight to look at from any angle without compromising the benefits of recycled plastic and aluminum construction. Keeping with our environmental stewardship efforts the bench design minimizes waste and maximizes recycled content.

Click here to view the Urban Form Bench

Simplifying Project Design

We understand the importance of information, particularly when planning a project. To save time during design, all of our technical drawings are intentionally available for free in a variety of formats. They can be directly downloaded and dropping into your project design layout.

Everything is available at wishboneltd.com.all-downloads

Wishbone Site Furnishings is growing!

To meet the increased demand for our products and to help and assist customers in choosing the right products for the right applications we’ve added to our already amazing team. We are pleased to welcome Robin Ruddock as our Regional Sales Manager for the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island.  Robin brings a wealth of sales and marketing experience as well as unlimited enthusiasm!

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