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Freedom 32 "Bear Resistant"

Model Number

HF32C/HF1701 (Recycled Plastic Siding With Foot Pedal) HF32/HF1701 (All Metal with Foot Pedal)

Freedom 32 "Bear Resistant"

The Freedom 32 Bear Resistant Waste Receptacle improves on several traditional designs in the market by focusing more attention on ease of use, aesthetics, and maintenance. It has gone through extensive testing and has received official bear proof accreditation, certified by the “Living With Wildlife Foundation”.

Some of the key design improvements that make this unit unique include.

  • A redesign of the traditional loading door from the standard “pocket” hand-operated latch system found on many bear resistant receptacles to an innovative foot pedal. Easy to use, the pedal provides a very convenient way to dispose of waste with-out having to worry about touching anything with your hands. 
  • Many communities have issues with residential garbage ending up in the public waste receptacles This design is intentionally restricted to a smaller opening dimension on the loading door to make it more difficult to put large objects in.
  • A hidden door latch system for accessing the waste makes it easier for the maintenance folks to maintain. Don’t have to worry about locks or keys anymore.
  • Front opening door design allows more flexibility for positioning on a street scape.
  • The curved back ensures water runoff and does not become a resting spot for objects.
  • A winter/summer conversion kit is also available that disables the foot pedal (which can be under a foot of snow in some areas in the winter) and allows for the installation of a handle on the loading door during this time. This must be specified at the time the receptacle is ordered.

Watch a Video of the Bear Test



Product Specifications

Recycled Plastic Boards

  • The UV stabilized recycled plastic planks are made of thermoplastic polymers (100% recycled plastic).  It is extremely resistant to chemical products, oil, mould and mildew, salt spray and insects. It does not absorb moisture, therefore will not split, rot or splinter.
  • Colours Available: Grey, Redwood, Sand, Walnut

Durable Powder Coated Galvanneal Steel Frame

“Hands Free” Foot Pedal Mechanism

Long Lasting Stainless Steel Hardware
Easy Access Front opening
Keyless hidden door latch system
Surface Mount

Customized Solutions

Product Dimensions

Total Height: 43 inches / 110 cm
Total Depth: 23 inches / 59 cm
Length: 23 inches / 59 cm
Capacity: 32 US Gal / 122 L
Weight: 235 lbs / 107 kg

Recycled Content

  • Recycled Content By Weight: 21%
  • 100% Recyclable

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