Our latest and arguably greatest offering...

Urban Form Series

1. Urban Form Planter

It all started with the self watering planter. We save municipalities hours each week in the hot summer months. Fill up the reservoir, and water wicks up to the underside of the plants, keeping the soil moist, and freeing up maintenance staff to deal with other priorities.

Water once or twice a month, instead of multiple times per week !

The combination of a rigid aluminum structure with the benefit of recycled plastic boards creates a winning, eye catching combination that matches proximal waste receptacles and benches.


Urban Form Rectangular Planter

Rectangular planter above, and square planter below.


Urban Form Square Planter


2. Urban Form Bench

Urban Form Bench

"You've nailed it".

This is what we hear from the landscape architects who have seen the prototype. That's a good sign.

The Urban Form bench with backrest is a radical departure from anything we've ever created.

The offset backrest catches the eye. Makes you look twice. At first glance, you think someone has set up a computer desk with a flat screen in the park. Get up closer, and you figure it out.

Sitting on this bench becomes an experience.

The backless version is very unassuming. It serves the purpose. It complements the surroundings. It invites the public to park themselves and stay awhile.

Urban Form Bench


3. Urban Form Waste Receptacle

This 30 US gallon waste receptacle is side opening, and has a side flap door. Keeps the rain out, and is easy to maintain. A great compliment to the Urban Form benches.


Urban Form Waste Receptacle


As with other site furnishings, the Urban Form Series comes with your choice of powder coat colors for the metal and recycled plastic slat colors as shown below.


Plastic Colors Available

Contact Wishbone today for custom options and formal quote with shipping on these and other site furnishings. Or, you can register online and have access to our Canadian retail price list.

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