Introducing a new lineup for 2008, the Parker Series. What began with a bench/table combo has grown into a whole family of complimentary products. The elegant radius frames made of sturdy welded aluminum , with your choice of recycled plastic lumber - an unbeatable combination that is sure to enhance any park, civic structure, or school property.

Mountain Classic Bench ~ $1275 CDN (5 ft model)


Mountain Classic

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What's the difference?

Word is getting out. Municipalities are saying YES to recycled. It's no wonder ~ with competitive pricing, lower maintenance of recycled plastic, and quite frankly, better looking and feeling in every respect. We're often asked, "What's the difference between Wishbone benches, and concrete or steel benches?" Our answer is "Have you ever sat on a concrete bench, or steel bench? How did you feel?" The response is always the same, and typically followed with an order for Wishbone products. Our benches use recycled plastic lumber, which has some "give" when you sit on it, and just feels more comfortable (especially on a cooler day!!). So, not only do you get a product that is more pleasant for the public, it's less hassle for your maintence crew ... and it's going to look like new years later too!

Full Frame Backless Bench ~ $900 CDN, ships assembled

For those applications where backless is preferred, we've taken our popular Full Frame model ... and removed the back. So, when the view is great on either side, folks now have an option. Available in a variety of board colours, plus the frame can be custom powder coated to suit your preferred colour.

FF Backless Bench

Custom Logo Garbage Can update ...

Lots of interest in this product. Where else can you get high quality, stackable cans with your municipality's logo embossed right on the can?. All for less than $150 per can !! Minimum order 30 cans.

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(An announcement from John Jansen, President of Wishbone)

An idea, a need, a style ... and a crude drawing on a napkin. Add a couple months, input from valued customers, and dozens of man hours, and the result is ... The Mountain Classic bench shown below. Named by a community in the Canadian Rockies, this elegant cast aluminum framed bench is turning heads. Given the accolades from the landscape architects who have viewed the prototype (they like the style, but better yet, they love the fact that it's built with 90% recycled content), we're certain the Mountain Classic will become the preferred bench in many communities who are striving towards sustainable and low maintenance site furnishings.

Mountain Classic Bench ~ $1275 CDN (5 ft model)

Mountain Classic

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Picnic Table Site FurnishingsNew views in public thinking often start in the halls and courtyards of universities and colleges across the country. Maybe that is why our latest installation of Nicolet Picnic Benches is so significant. No more is the debate over sustainability and environmental awareness as intense as it is on these campuses.

Wishbone Site Furnishings has become the natural choice. We have sustainability at the core of our business. We drive our business on environmentally sound practices. And of course, we like to add a little style to the public landscape!

These Nicolet Picnic Benches are a perfect compliment to the style and character that UBC-O is building in the North-end of Kelowna BC. In doing so these benches are built to last using recycled plastic lumber on a custom powder-coated frame.

Wishbone Site Furnishings are 100% Recyclable and available in 6 different board colours and a variety of custom powder coatings.

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To see the benches in person, click here for a map...

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