For communities looking to cut costs and time watering their plants, this is definately a great alternative.

The Urban Form Self Watering Planters save up to 80% in water consumption through a unique bottom feeding method. These planters only need watering once or twice a month!

This saves time and maintence dollars while conserving water and reducing your carbon footprint. The overflow drain ensures the water level is always perfect, even in heavy also prevents overwatering.

Both the square and rectangular Urban Form Self Watering planter models are a tasteful addition to any sidewalk, the grounds or rooftop of any office building, hotel or resort.

Whether you are looking to encompass a patio, add pieces to connect outdoor surroundings with indoor space or to simply add a natural element to an otherwise mundane area, the Urban Form planters can be precisely the requirement.

The Urban Form Self Watering Planters offer distinct advantages over wood and concrete planters. The Urban Form planters will never rot, need painting or re-staining like wooden products. The Urban Form planters are not easily damaged like concrete planters and are much easier to transport, unlike concrete planters.

The proprietary self watering design has been proven to work extremely well year after year. We can provide references if required.

Let Wishbone become a part of your design solutions to your most memorable projects.


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Introducing the new Bike Rack Shelter
from Wishbone and Valid Manufacturing

 Wishbone is pleased to offer communities and schools an exciting new structure.

Show your support for cyclists - keep them and their bikes out of the rain.

Bike Rack Shelter

Bike Rack Shelters are:

Durable - Powder coated aluminum frames, up to 16 FT x 16 FT
Visible - Transparent acrylic roof with 10 MIL safety glass side panels
Open - Free span, no center posts
Functional - Accommodates up to 32 bikes

Classic 2 Space Bike Rack

Classic 2 Space Bike Rack

We offer many options for bike racks. From mutli-space bike racks, to spiral loop models, and single pedestal styles.

Recently we developed the Classic 2 space bike rack. It can be used by itself, or in series. In the photo below, one community preferred to place units on steel rails, which are affixed to the ashpalt. In the off season, the rails (and bike racks) are removed to allow for easy snow removal. Bike rack units are then installed the following spring.

Classic 2 Space Bike Rack, in series

Loop Style Bike Racks


Pedestal Style Bike Racks

Pedestal Style

Contact Wishbone today for pricing and custom options on these and other bike racks available.

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The saying “it’s too good to be true” definitely applies when using the Cascade Perma Deck 100 % recycled plastic lumber on this deck.

The original decking material on this deck was 5/4 cedar. After about the 6 years and consistent “reminders” from his better half about re-sanding and staining the existing cedar deck the decision was made to pull of the cedar and use 100% recycled plastic lumber. According to the Cascades (the manufacturer) this material would require very little maintenance and free up time to do the other “hunny-do” items on his list !

Now, with the new plastic deck, and after 3 years of constant use and, yes, very little maintenance other than sweeping, it was time to see if the material would in-fact live up to its “too good to be true” statement.

And it did !!

The owner used a pressure washer as recommended by the manufacturer and it’s amazing how the material was brought back to its original colour and look.

Check out the before and after pictures.

Plastic decking after 3 years

Plastic decking after being pressure washed

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qwicalogo1Wishbone is pleased to announce that we are now an integrator of qwica services, which allows us to link our site furnishings to online pages through QR codes.

Anyone using a smartphone can easily scan a qwica QR code on a plaque or tag, and in doing so, will quickly access wireless interactive content optimized for their mobile device. Specifically for Wishbone products, that means that you can take your memorial or commercial message to an exciting new level.

RoundqwicaTag2Check out these examples of tags and bronze plaques that can be placed on Wishbone benches and other products. They can be pre-installed on a new bench at the factory or you can retrofit them to an existing Wishbone site furnishing.

Scan these examples with your smartphone now to see how qwica can tell your story.
Either use the QR code reader built into your phone or simply download one of many free QR code reader apps available.

Whether it’s a Wishbone memorial bench, an information sign or an interactive tour, make your message interactive with qwica. Tell a bigger story using sound, pictures, text and even video—all optimized for smartphones. Click here to find out more and learn how Wishbone can help you with interactive site furnishings powered by qwica.


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New Product: FREEDOM32

Wishbone, in cooperation with Haul-All Equipment Systems in Lethbridge, Alberta produces another first - bear/animal resistant waste receptacle with foot pedal activation

It's one thing to provide a waste receptacle for the public use. It's quite another to ensure that when the garbage is in there, it stays there. Now, that is possible with the new "hands free" FREEDOM32 waste receptacle from Wishbone.

FREEDOM32 Waste Receptacle

FREEDOM32 Waste Receptacle

Municipalities spend millions on waste management; keeping streets and parks clean, and providing waste receptacles in public areas. There's nothing worse than bears (who cause the most damage) and other critters (squirrels, racoons, crows) getting into these waste receptacles and messing up the surrounding area - not only is this unsightly, but costly to municipalities as well.

Frustrated bears will go elsewhere for dinner !

FREEDOM32 Waste Receptacle

Add to that the unpleasant and unsanitary practice of flipping hidden latches or touching waste door flaps with your hands, and it was obvious that a new "hands free" and animal resistant system needed to be developed. Thanks to the experts at Haul All (who specialize in bear proof containment) and the design contributions of Wishbone, the FREEDOM32 was created. And the response by municipalities, waste management personnel and landscape architects (who really like the "look" of this amenity, with the recycled plastic siding and powder coat options) has been overwhelming.

Accepting orders today! Call 250-404-8699 for more details.

Living With Wildlife Foundation


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Picnic Tables...
Waste Receptacles...
Bike Racks...

Special Promo !!

Kinsey Bench

5 FT Kingsey bench. $995

The "Bear" Facts

The FREEDOM32 Bear Proof Waste Receptacle was tested and passed the "Living with Wildlife Foundation" captive bear test August 25, 2011. It exceeded the required 60 minutes with the captive grizzly bears at the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center in West Yellowstone, Montana.

"The rate of serious/fatal injuries inflicted by bears on humans in the Canadian National Parks in Alberta declined with the implementation of careful food and garbage management in the mid-1980s. Most incidents between the 1950s and early 1980's involved habituated and food-conditioned bears." (Herrero, S. and A. Higgins. In PressB. Human injuries inflicted by bears in British Columbia: 1960-1997. Ursus 11:209-216.)

We have a responsibility to protect both man and nature. The FREEDOM32 brings us closer towards meeting this responsibility.

Another industry first:

Foot pedal operation - look for this in the FREEDOM32 and other waste receptacles by Wishbone.

contact us

for product literature & pricing

Scott Hutchinson

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