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Management Team

John Jansen, President
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Gerald Jansen, CFO, Business Development
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Scott Edwards, CEO
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OUR dedicated team brings years of design and fabrication excellence. We pride ourselves in taking care of our customers and delivering an unforgettable product. From small orders to large we treat every customer with the utmost priority and respect.
OUR reputation is built on products that stand the test of time. We won’t cut corners and we never compromise our products in an effort to attain the lowest price.
OUR products are intentionally designed for every user group: the purchaser, the person specifying, the owner, the installers, the maintenance person, the end-user, and last but not least the environment itself.
Thank you for believing in us and helping us realize OUR goal to provide Solutions for the future from pieces of the past.

Wishbone Mug Shots

John Jansen


Scott Edwards


Gerald Jansen


Greg Williams

Production Supervisor

Teddy Turisno

Finance Manager

Katie Palmer

Admin Coordinator

Logan Fisher

Regional Sales Manager Vancouver

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We build exceptional products, provide incomparable service, and deliver outstanding value. Our products delight customers and users alike, not just when they are new, but even after many years of active service.
We have been extremely happy with our Wishbone outdoor furniture. The colour has held up well to constant sunlight and there is very little wear showing from wintering outside over multiple seasons. The value we are seeing from the longevity the furniture is displaying is excellent.

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Wishbone Site Furnishings

Corporate Headquarters, Manufacturing and Distribution Facility British Columbia Canada
#210-27090 Gloucester Way
Langley, BC
V4W 3Y5
Wishbone Site Furnishings
#210-27090 Gloucester Way
Langley, BC CANADA V4W 3Y5
866.626.0476 | [email protected]
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