Picnic and Coffee Tables

Picnic and Coffee Tables

Tables create community. Whether enjoying something to eat, playing a game, or just sitting down to chat, tables bring people together to enjoy some of life’s special times. Wishbone tables are designed to encourage use by being comfortable, solid, and inviting. Made with long-lasting recycled materials, they resist weathering and continue being attractive and functional year after year after year.

BayView Coffee Table

Model Number: BVCT-34

Bayview Picnic Table

Model Number: BVPT-6 (Reg) BVPTWC-6, BVPTWC-8 (Wheelchair Accessible)

Bistro Bench / Table Combo

Model Number: BTC-6

Park Series Picnic Table

Model Number: 411 Redwood 6ft.

Parker 30" Bench Table

Model Number: PKT-30

Parker Picnic Table

Model Number: PKPT-6 (Reg) PKPTWC-6, PKPTWC-8 (Wheelchair Accessible)

Rutherford Picnic Table

Model Number: RPT-6 (Reg) RPTWC-6, RPTWC-8 (Wheelchair Accessible)

Single Ped Picnic Table

Model Number: SPPTG-40 (Galvanized) SPPTGP-40 (Galvanized and Powder Coated)

Urban Form Coffee Table

Model Number: UFCT-32

Urban Form Picnic Table

Model Number: UFPT-6

Urban Space Round Picnic Table - All Aluminum

Model Number: USPT-70 Regular | USPTWC-70 Wheel Chair Accessible Version

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