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Bridge to Bay Musical Parklet

This recently completed project was named after the county wide Bridge-to-Bay Pedestrian Trail System.

Custom Skyline Gabian Wall Bench

In the summer of 2019, Wishbone was called upon to supply in large quantity two types of benches for this high-profile school project: our Skyline and Skyline backless bench with a modification for installation as part of a gabion-cage wall feature.

Okanagan Rail Trail Interpretive Sites in the Interior of British Columbia

The Okanagan Rail Trail Committee (ORTC) is an interjurisdictional group tasked with managing a 50km biking and walking trail with a rich history in British Columbia, Canada: The Okanagan Rail Trail.

Columbia River Skywalk Trail BC

Found a really nice surprise in Trail BC. The Columbia River Skywalk. Awesome addition to the community and even more awesome is that both ends are flanked with Wishbone Rutherford Angled Leg Benches.

Dedication Bench in Port Alice BC

We go to great lengths to try and capture our products in the communities where they are installed. Every once and a while we run across something that is amazing and this dedication Bench in Port Alice BC is one of those.

Wishbone Bench & Bronze Sculpture by Nathan Scott for the Lacombe Police Station

Wishbone provided the seating component for this commission piece located at the Lacombe Police Station.

See the All New Urban Form Collection in Derochers Park in Edmonton Alberta

This past Fall we had the pleasure of installing benches, tables and receptacles in the newly completed Derocher Park in Edmonton Alberta. The concept behind the park is to bring a space for nature to intertwine with the neighborhood.