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LED Lighting in Benches and Picnic Tables and Bollards

There are plenty of manufactures in the park furniture industry, with styles, colours and materials that cover all the bases. So when it comes to standing out from crowd, Wishbone again has created a first... in North America.

Introducing “City Lights” - selected park benches illuminated from below using 24 Volt LED technology.

Warm summer nights can now be enjoyed with ambiance. 24 Volt LED light strips under the bench seats create an effect that invites the public to sit and enjoy, share a moment, listen to the sounds… waves lapping up on shore, or a symphony of crickets ushering in the evening. Light creates a positive mood, and facilitates safety in public spaces. And the low voltage technology permits these benefits at greatly reduced costs - it’s why many municipalities are converting over to LED for outdoor lighting.

Recent innovations also allow for the LEDs to now change colours. Imagine the ability to have the LED’s change colours for a event. Imagine the ability to do this remotely from an I-pad, I-phone or android device. This is now possible with DMX Decoder/Controller technology.

City Lights takes the possibilities and applications for our park benches into uncharted territories. If this is of interest, we would be happy to discuss the range of offerings as well provide helpful information regarding the installation process.

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Mouse over or Touch to Activate LEDs


LED Lighting is Available in the following Wishbone Site Furnishings

Park Benches

Picnic Tables