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Memorial Benches

Municipalities specify Wishbone benches for their dedication programs because we make it so simple. We offer a number of bench styles suitable for a memorial plaque, and we can design and manufacture the bronze plaques with our respected foundry partner. Finally, we securely flush-mount these plaques into the selected furnishings for a clean professional fit and end-to-end solution.


Mom and Dad enjoying the view on Rutherford Bench of Kelowna 1

Wishbone Traditional Custom Bronze Plaque

This is our very popular traditional  custom bronze plaque  offering. Installed on Wishbone Products these plaques represent a great legacy to the individuals memorialized.

Click here to see how easy it is to order your own customized bronze plaque.

Click here for memorial bench program examples.


NEW   Wishbone Interactive Custom Bronze Plaque 

00000-TagMake a plaque interactive with qwica

Imagine a memorial or dedication where the bronze plaque is the starting point for the story instead of the whole story. With qwica, smartphone users can actually hear about a loved one, read anecdotes and even see pictures. Wishbone makes it easy by managing everything from plaque design to building and hosting the online interactive story.

Click here for more information on Wishbone Interactive Benches.