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Denman Twist Lock Removable Bollard

Denman Twist Lock Removable Bollard

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Designer Notes

Designed as the perfect companion to our Denman Bollard, the Denman Twist Lock Removable Bollard offers unmatched convenience and security. With its unique twist lock mechanism, this bollard allows for effortless removal in situations where access to an area is required.

Ease of use is at the core of this bollard's design. The simple twist lock mechanism ensures quick and hassle-free removal, enabling unobstructed passage whenever necessary. Additionally, the bollard features a clever design that allows for a lock to be fastened near the top, keeping it elevated and away from ground-level interference. This feature enhances security and provides peace of mind.

Built with a sturdy all-aluminum frame, the Denman Twist Lock Removable Bollard exhibits a minimalist design that seamlessly integrates into any environment. Please note that it is specifically designed for pedestrian use and is not intended for stopping vehicles.

Crafted from marine grade aluminum, this bollard guarantees exceptional durability and longevity even in harsh environmental conditions. The application of our duper durable powder coating further enhances its resistance to corrosion, ensuring that it remains in pristine condition for an extended period.

We understand that different locations have unique requirements, which is why the Denman Twist Lock Removable Bollard is highly customizable. You can adjust the height to suit your specific needs, ensuring optimal visibility and functionality. Additionally, eyelets can be added to accommodate rope or chain applications, providing versatility and adaptability.

The Denman Twist Lock Removable Bollard is the ideal solution for various settings, including public spaces, commercial areas, and event venues. Its sleek and unobtrusive design enhances the overall aesthetics while effectively protecting pedestrians.

Super Durable Standard Powder Coat Colours *

*Due to variations in the types of screen resolutions available, colors represented here may vary slightly from the actual colors. Please contact Wishbone if you would like to have actual samples.

Material Specifications

Customized Solutions

  • Custom Powder Coating (Setup Charges May Apply)
  • Non-removeable version - DB-36
  • Height Can Be Modified to 48”
  • Optional Eyelets for Rope or Chain
  • Stainless Steel Bolt-Down Kit (INST-15)     ( Installation Example )

Product Dimensions

Finished Height Above Ground: 36.5 inches / 93 cm
Top Diameter: 7.25 inches / 19 cm
Center Tube Diameter: 5.75 inches / 15 cm
Weight: 30 lbs / 13.6 kg

Recycled Content

  • Recycled Content By Weight: 100%
  • 100% Recyclable


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